Keith Black

Actor | Writer | Director | Producer | School Teacher

Meet Keith

I plan to be the world's first math teacher to become a major movie star. I'm off to a good start: I already make films that make headlines and I do it all after 3pm (well, more like 4:30 once I'm done grading papers!)

Celebrity Sex Tape

Celebrity Sex Tape is a comedy about a nerd who is so desperate for stardom that he tries to enlist a famous actress to star in a celebrity sex tape with him. He has old fashioned romantic values...of course it's going to backfire.

It's a proof-of-concept short intended to help the industry envision what a full-length feature could look like.


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Spoof Snippets

Celebrities join in the fun by making promos for Keith.

Lana Wood

Audrey Landers

Sally Jessy Raphael

Get The Script To
Woody Allen

An aspiring screenwriter thinks his life will change if he gets his script to Woody Allen. Black's award-winning short Get the Script to Woody Allen is based on the true-life effort to hand Allen a script. It screened in theaters and on TV internationally.


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Driving Me Crazy

Black co-starred with Oscar winner Mickey Rooney in his road movie Driving Me Crazy in which he portrays a hopeless romantic who drives 3,000 miles for a first date.


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Shmoikel's Twilight

A vampire comedy about a nice jewish boy from Brooklyn. It's "Annie Hall" with fangs.


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